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品牌: 欧莱斯
颜色: 黑白红黄蓝绿紫
印刷方式: 丝印移印网印
单价: 180.00元/公斤
起订: 1 公斤
供货总量: 100000 公斤
发货期限: 自买家付款之日起 1 天内发货
所在地: 上海 金山区
有效期至: 长期有效
最后更新: 2022-08-02
浏览次数: 36
  • 上海兆恬实业有限企业
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  • 地区上海-金山区
  • 地址上海金山化学物流产业园合展路118号


本产品是选用**进口树脂和**颜料经过细制研磨加工组合而成,特别适用于移印及丝网高速印刷,不拉丝、不毛边、不堵网、印迹饱满、遮盖力强。主要用于己处理及大部份未处理之聚丙烯PP、OPP、CPP、BOPP制品。 产品特性: 1、 不拉丝、不毛边、不堵网、印迹饱满、遮盖力强。 2、 光泽好、手感好,平坦性良好、表面光洁; 3、 表面硬度好,耐冲击性能强、抗刮伤; 4、 耐*程度佳; 产品说明: 1、 细度:4 μ以下。 2、 适合于40T~165T(100目~420目)网版印刷,以120T聚酯单丝、感光胶网版计算涂覆盖面积每公斤达35~40㎡。 3、 表干5分钟,彻干24小时,附着力测试应在24小时后进行。 使用方法: 1.用B-07B专用稀释剂进行稀释,使用前应充分搅拌,用后随时密封。 2.网版塞网时可用718洗网水清洗。 3.不得与其它类型油墨混合使用。 4.对于表面张力较小的材料,有可能产生附着力不佳的现象,可先用我司B-9240处理水或火焰处理法对底材进行处理后印刷,这样可以提高油墨的附着力。 注意事项: 1.各种物料的外观相似,但可能会是不同的材料,客户需先试印,确其符合要求后,再批量生产。 2.如出现拉丝或散开现象,可适当加入一些慢干膏即可。 3.环境温度过高,将会影响油墨原有质量。 4.请远离火源,避光保存。This product is made of high-grade imported resin and pigment through fine grinding senior system combination, especially suitable for printing and screen printed, not drawing, no flash, no clogging, imprinted full, strong hiding power. Mainly used for their treatment and most untreated polypropylene PP, OPP, CPP, BOPP products. Product characteristics: 1, not drawing, no flash, no clogging, imprinted full, strong hiding power. 2, good gloss, feel good, flatness, good surface finish; 3, surface hardness, impact resistance performance is strong, scraping resistance; 4, excellent resistance to alcohol degree; Product Description: 1,: 4 μfollowing fineness. 2, suitable for 40T~165T ( 100 heads ~420 head ) screen printing, with 120T polyester monofilament, photosensitive adhesive coated screen calculation area every kilograms amount to 35~40 ㎡. 3, 5 minutes into dry, dry 24 hours, adhesion testing should be performed within 24 h after. Method of use: 1 with B-07B special diluent for dilution before use, should be fully stirred, use at any time after the seal. 2 screen plug network when available 718 washing network water cleaning. 3 may not with other types of ink mixing. 4 with small surface tension of the material, are likely to have poor adhesion phenomenon, can be the first to use our B-9240 to treat water or flame treatment method for substrate processing after printing, this can improve the ink adhesion. Note: 1 all kinds of materials, similar in appearance, but may be of different materials, customers need to try to make their mark, to meet the requirements of mass production, again. 2 such as drawing or spread phenomenon, may be appropriate to add some slow dry plaster. 3 the ambient temperature is too high, will influence the quality of the original ink. 4 stay away from fire source, preserved without light.


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